Intelligent solutions
Elen is a leader in renewable energy and the solutions we offer in the energy market throughout the Balkans

We drive the transition to more sustainable, reliable, and affordable energy systems. With our innovative technologies, we energize society, that’s our aim!

Other than the Solar Photovoltaic Systems department, Elen has designed and installed a wide range of electrical installations, different range of EV chargers, Energy Efficiency and Energy Storages. We undertake projects for a wide range of clients including businesses, government organizations and private individuals.
The company's goal has always been to offer high-quality products and find long-term solutions for all customers. Elen has experience in providing solutions in all fields of electro-energy, including solutions in: Electrical Installations, "Micro-Grid" and Energy Storage, and Electromobility with EV chargers and their systems. The knowledge of these areas as a whole has made us to understand different situations and to combine knowledge by finding the perfect solution for each situation.
Each of these services represents a specific area in the world of electricity and all have a set of solutions on offer.

Electrical Installations

– Electrical installations & installation of data transmission equipment
– All types of electrical installations related to requirements of the facilities
– All lighting and power supply applications
– All lighting and power supply applications
– Installation of transformers together with MV and LV cabinets
– Final inspection by a team of engineers
– Design and verification of electrical installations
– Earthing and lightning protection systems
– Emergency Lighting Systems
– Fire alarm systems
– Security Systems
– Public lighting
– Access control and monitoring systems


- EV Chargers
- Electrical System
– Mbushës për vetura elektrike
- Phone application
- Car port with Solar Panels
- Monitoring and monetization