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Elen is a leader in renewable energy and the solutions we offer in the energy market throughout the Balkans

Elen is an expert with many years of experience in the development of Photovoltaic (PV) Panel projects. We also offer the possibility of monitoring Photovoltaic (PV) Systems for all types of projects. Our projects and collaborations hold a significant place in advancing the clean energy activities of a considerable number of businesses in the Kosovo market and beyond. Elen is already an energy partner in various photovoltaic system installation projects across the Balkans, including Albania, North Macedonia, and more.

Our team consists of dedicated staff and certified solar energy engineers from TUV Germany. We cover the entire value chain and take full responsibility for project planning, documentation, and construction. Therefore, all types of projects, from residential to large-scale energy sales plants, are offered to investors with a "turnkey" approach. Solar energy - sustainable, reliable, and limitless. Elen is a global leader in renewable energy development and energy solutions. We guarantee results in production as well as the quality of our products. Through our dedicated work and excellent results, we have managed to build long-term, reliable partnerships, paving the way for many new collaborations in the future.

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