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About Us

Elen company is specialized in offering services in project design and installation of photovoltaic systems, electrical power systems, electromobility micro-grid and energy efficiency solutions.

Our aim is to always put clients and their needs at the centre of what we do. Only in this way, we can be pragmatic to our customers and bring value to the society.

As a week-known leader for years in Kosovo, we have expanded our activity in Albania and Macedonia, and we are aiming to expand it to other European countries as well. Elen will always be committed to designing and building green and digital future.

years of experience
m2- Electrical installations
Mësoni më shumë rreth nesh.
Our philosophy

Our Vision:
To further develop and continue to be the leader in providing products and services in the field of renewable energy and energy sector.

Our Mission:
To work with the highest standards of business ethics and create value from which our customers feel secure in their investments.

Our objectives
Qellimi I kompanise Elen eshte I bazar ne tri koncepte baze te caktuara si premisa nga komuniteti I biznesit ne nivel botëror.

We work every day for a cleaner environment by using natural resources for energy production ☀

Through the application of our products and services, we help our clients become their own producers of the energy they need for their daily activities and production. ☀

By bringing products and services from the latest technology we help customers simplify many processes at work and in their lives, to be as efficient as possible.☀

Save money
Save money and increase the value of your home or business by investing in solar panels.
Client service
Commitment to the customer and his needs is the key to success in any installed project.
Certified Engineer
Our team consists of Engineers certified by international institutions and with many years of experience in the field of solar energy.
Achievement of the goal
Taking advantage of an almost 20-year experience.
We provide competence
Elen is a leader in the field of renewable
energy and developer of energy sector on the region.
International Quality Certification
We are certified by TUV Austria for the management system with EN ISO 9001:2015
In support of Professional Qualification
We have been awarded by KDWV-OEGJK & GIZ with the first place in the field of support and development of professional training in Kosovo.
Top Leading Global Trade
We have been rewarded with gratitude for cooperation in the implementation of the "Business Intership 2015" program with KIESA and MTI.

Our team

The company's successes are the result of communication, understanding, enthusiasm, shared values and goals between our team.
We support entrepreneurial thinking, acting, and provide healthy leadership where everyone can be themselves and share original opinions.

Our common goal is to create a comfortable environment for sustainable development, means that we treat our partners with the same spirit of cooperation. We hope the same for all future partnerships,
where the goals and shared values of the partners will always match ours, an energy that Elen has carried out and will continue to carry out.

We provide competence
Quality Policy

We at ELEN are committed to offer the best services and products in the field of Renewable, Solar Systems and electro-energy, always meeting customer requirements with European standards, which are the basis of our activity.

ELEN, in order to achieve strategic objectives in meeting the requirements and expectations of customers for design and installation services of PV Solar Systems, electrical energy systems, technical advice and efficient energy solutions, has established the Quality Management System (QMS), the System of Environmental Management (EMS) and Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS), according to the international standard ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015, and ISO 45000: 2018.ë Shëndetit dhe Sigurisë në Punë (OHSMS), sipas standartit ndërkombëtar ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015, dhe ISO 45000: 2018.

We continuously strive to do our best to always maintain the leading position in the market through:

• Continuous supply of quality products and services to our valued customers.
• Compliance with international standards and world best practices.
• Continuous improvement on the efficiency of the quality management system.
• Competent, professional and dedicated personnel.
• Creating a team-work environment.
• Innovative approach in providing new and efficient solutions in the field of energy.

Elen, through the establishment of quality objectives, system audits and management reviews, will ensure a functional methodology of continuous improvement of the quality system in compliance with the ISO international standards.

Our commitment is to provide an adequate framework and efficient system that meets and exceeds customer needs and expectations around performance, quality and reliability at a competitive cost.

This quality policy is in full compliance with Elen's general business policies and represents our commitment to put clients and their needs in the centre of what we do.

Avni Syla, CEO
Date: 01.02.2022


Gjenerata e dytë me 30 vite eksperience.
Family Business

Regardless of the volatility in the growth of the global economy, along with the pace of technological
innovation, and presenting new challenges for family businesses, the family has always remained united. The union of forces and experiences between generations, made the combination of ideas, and offered solutions to every challenge. Only united we can overcome every obstacle and offer the best solution to our colleagues and clients.


If are in the field of electricity and renewable energy, you can be part of our team.
Elen offers you a stable job, pleasant environment and opportunities for development at work.
If you want to become part of our team, we invite you to send an email to: info@elen-ks.