Solar Energy – Clean Environment

Products & Solutions

Elen is a leading provider of Smart renewable Energy Solutions with High performances Products and High Quality Standard. Premium Products – Premium Result !!!

Elen products are competitively performed Solar Products for long-term suitability and Maximum performances with the goal of delivering energy savings right away. Depending on your region and the amount of electricity you currently consume, a complete system can typically be amortized within six years or less – without increasing your energy cost. In most cases, you’ll actually save money from the day you install the system.

Complete Solar Solutions

Get total energy independence with a complete off-grid power solution.  Each full solar power package is custom-configured to the unique needs of your site. You’ll receive all the components needed to get your off-grid power solution up and running quickly, from solar panels and power inverters to battery storage, backup generators, and any other related equipment your installation requires.

Solar panels

Our solar panels are top-quality photovoltaic panels at the most cost-effective price. All  panels come to us direct from dedicated manufacturing facilities. Available in multiple sizes up to 350W per panel.

Battery Storage

Integrated power storage keeps you running 24/7, even when the sun isn’t shining. With battery storage, your system continues to provide power to your site overnight and during overcast conditions.

Power Inverters

Available individually or as part of a complete system, power inverters convert the direct current (DC) energy generated by your solar panels to the alternating current (AC) used by most power applications.

Backup Generators

From routine maintenance turnarounds to emergency conditions, backup generators ensure that your site stays up and running. Choose from a wide selection of quiet, gas or diesel-powered model.


Engineering, Procurement, and Construction


Planning Permits and Grid connection Approval Grid Impact Study Land Lease and power purchase Purchase Agreement PPA Supply Agreement and Financial Structure Commercial Closure with End Buyer Operation Options ad exit Plans.


Our in-house solar experts bring advanced, innovative and cost-effective solutions to every project they engage in. We have one of the most knowledgeable PV project teams in the industry. All our designs are optimized to achieve the highest returns and allow for efficient implementation. All projects comply with local requirements in electrical codes and safety standards, as well as applicable building codes and guidelines. We also resolve technical and regulatory challenges during the development and engineering stages, liaising with the responsible authorities and consulting with clients to achieve best value.


During the construction phase of solar projects we focus on ensuring budget and timelines are clearly defined and met. Our solar experts offer on-site inspection and supervision, detailed construction support and planning, project management and planning. We also manage contractors and the implementation of quality control and safety programs. Every supplier and construction partner we use needs to pass a stringent selection and accreditation process, and we follow a strict quality control management plan for every project. Our EPC capabilities provide you with peace of mind and our solution will deliver the best prices, incredible performance and exceptional all-round quality.

Operations & Maintenance  

The Elen team ensures your PV projects are constructed cost effectively and operate flawlessly. By maintaining the solar plant operation, we ensure that your system continues to produce energy at maximum levels throughout the life span of the system and, more importantly, ensures your solar system continues to drive maximum ROI.


Elen is on a quest to excel and innovate with the spirit of a challenger to broaden expertise in financial services. Elen`s financial service business is driven to achieve world-class performance for valued customers.