Renewable Energy Sources (RES)

Elen’s more special emphasis is devoted to the development of photovoltaic systems, thermal, heat pumps following world trends in these areas. In recent years we have had dynamic increase, by offering Kosovo economically reasonable solutions. We have had the implement dozens of projects in these areas as a result of government grants for the development of the agricultural sector throughout Kosovo. If you plan to install any of the above systems, we offer a full range of services as:

  • Visit and technical assessment of the site
  • Determination of appropriate surfaces and the installation method
  • Installation of photo voltaic systems for electricity storage
  • Installation of thermal system for heating water and
  • Installation of heat pumps

All devices that we offer have certificates required by European standards and technical guidance given in every project carried out. To products and services for every system of our renewable resources are the best quality at very competitive prices. We also are members of the network for training of qualified installers, PROINSO and members of the cluster of metal and renewable energy industry cluster KIMERK.

Gallery of Projects