Electric Assembling

Electric Assembling means the complex of designing and mounting works the goal of which is a high-quality power supply.
Electric assembling is one of the main stages during control systems implementation, engineering lines of communication laying, electric equipment mounting etc. More, the quality of the conducted electric assembling directly influences the reliability of the further equipment functioning. The qualitative forgoing electric assembling works conducted before automation control systems, different sensors and measurement devices installation are of a special great importance.
The mismatching of the accomplished assembling with the existing demands and standards can lead to the unstable equipment operation. This in return can provoke errors, production cycle failures and economical losses.
In the field of electric assembling our company can offer the following complex service:
  • Technological and power equipment installation and connection
  • External networks electric assembling
  • External lighting electric assembling
  • Internal networks electric assembling
ELEN has all needed technical and human resources to deal with electric installations: the modern electrical and mechanical equipment, correspondence to all national standards in the branch of electrical equipment, the constant professional training’s in the filed of works of heightened danger. A great number of correspondent certificates and permissions confirm the above mentioned facts.