The Quality Policy

We as ELEN, try to give the best products and the best costumer service, with well known standards. ELEN tries to put strategic work plans, in order to meet our goals and costumer expectations, therefore we have put on to work Management System of quality (MSQ) according to international standard of ISO 9001:2008.

We are continuously expanding our activities while staying leaders in the market through:

  • Providing quality products and services for our quality clients.
  • In accordance with Law regulation.
  • With the best methods and strategies.
  • Teamwork environment.
  • Improving our Management System of Quality.
  • With our professional and devoted staff.
  • Always towards new and efficient solution.

                                                                             ELEN through clarifying goals and management observation, will secure a functional methodology of improving quality in products and service in accordance with ISO 9001 standard.

Our forever commitment will be to meet client and market demands. We will make sure that we are fulfilling market demands through high performance, quality and mutual trust with affordable costs.

Avni Syla, CEO
Date: 10/04/2015