“There has been many years now, that we have been working together with Elen company. Our many years of partnership with them tells that they were correct and efficient in all our requests. They worked with us in all our electrical needs, in our Factory and our two Showrooms located in Prishtina and Vushtrri, we were satisfied with their professionalism and correctness, therefore we highly recommend them as precious partners”


“IADK” was in contract with ELEN for electrical materials and their implementation.

“We acknowledge that ELEN works with high standards, which fulfills our requires too. We would not hesitate to recommend ELEN as a great partner for electrical material supply, service and as technical support.”

“IADK” Organization

“Elen company was chosen among many options and was the right decision we made. Elen was able to match in all our demands and finish them in the fastest way. We did the electric installation with Elen in our showroom and warehouse “Alba Qeramika” in Prizren. Their enthusiasm and discipline made this project finish in time and as a positive experience.”

“Alba Qeramika” L.L.C.

 “ELEN Company from Kosovo is supplied with technical goods for electrical fences for the Project “Electric Fence for Bear Park” Kosovo. We had the pleasure to cooperate with this company which has been very professional in the implementation of this cooperation.”

“Ghislandi” Italy

“ELEN has been implementing Government decision on Electrical Efficiency for public institutions in accordance with national plan for Electrical Efficiency form EU requirements. We are proud of working with a local company that is correct on schedules, deadlines and on staying close to their project for technical support, looking forward on these kinds of partnerships.”

Ministry of Economic Development

“Elen has finished the project that included: supply, installation and putting in to work the Public Lighting in Kllokot with continuous support. We admire their attitude towards our demands for service and responsibility.”


Ontexi construction has chosen ELEN company for implementing Substation and all electrical installation for the Ontex Residence 1 and 2 in “Bregu I Diellit”-Prishtina.

“ELEN has a really professional team, they were devoted in their job and ready to help us for every extra requirement we had, just so the project would turn out positive. Working with ELEN was a great experience, because both teams were satisfied with the results. We would recommend ELEN team to any company or institution that is ready to get the best electro-energetic implementation.”

“Ontex” Construction L.L.C.

“Elen company has done the implementation of Substation in one of the “Lesna” buildings located in Podujeva. Elen has shown efficiency and professionalism, the quality of their work was highly awarded by technical commission of our company. According to this project, we would highly recommend Elen company as serious and efficient partner for all electrical requirements of a company or institution.”

“Lesna” L.L.C.

“Municipality of Mitrovica is thankful towards Elen company for accomplishing success in supplying and implementation of Public Lighting for the city of Mitrovica. The project was finished according to the plan with efficiency and professionalism.”

Mitrovica Municipality 

“With acknowledgements, we recommend Elen company, referring to our last project of implementing the 52kVA generator along with indoor and outdoor lighting. Elen has demonstrated professionalism and discipline on supplying, installing, training and technical support even after the project was finished.”

“Antika” L.L.C.